Kodak is Bringing Back T-MAX P3200 Film

The film renaissance marches on. Kodak Alaris just announced today that it will be bringing back Kodak Professional T-MAX P3200 TMZ, the multi-speed panchromatic black-and-white negative film.

P3200 TMZ has a nominal film speed of ISO 800, but the “P” designation means that it’s designed to be push-processed to EI 3200 or higher.

“This film excels when shooting in low light or when capturing fast action,” Kodak Alaris says. “It is ideally suited for handheld street scene photography, night work, and in dimly lit venues where you can’t use flash.”

Kodak Alaris was created after Kodak’s bankruptcy filing in 2012. The Kodak Pension Plan in the UK had a $2.8 billion claim against Kodak, but the matter was settled when the Kodak Pension Plan paid $325 for Kodak’s personalized imaging and document imaging businesses, forming Kodak Alaris. Kodak Alaris and Eastman Kodak now share ownership of the Kodak brand.

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