Photographing Models – A Hands on Photo Workshop

This workshop will offer an introduction and hands on opportunity to work with studio lighting and models. Beginning with studio strobes and camera settings we’ll also touch on triggering and control of lighting, general posing concepts and the basics of working with models.
The hands-on portion of the workshop will offer the chance for attendees to work with two experienced models shooting with high and low-key studio setups. Working in groups, attendees will alternate working with each model at each set. For the 2nd half of the session the models will change looks and once again attendees will alternate between the sets shooting new looks..

Following the shooting sessions there will be a Q&A period providing an opportunity for questions, helpful tips and feedback.
As a final wrap-up we will touch on the use of speed lights for off camera flash photography showing how they can be used similar to studio lighting for indoor and outdoor photography. This will offer a foundation and perhaps encouragement to use off camera flash as a creative tool to improve lighting and dimension while working with available light.

Doug Mitchell has been a photographer for over 25 years and has shot a variety of work including print publication, fashion, model, wedding and concert photography. He regularly shoots both studio and outdoor photography.  More information about Doug can be found using the links below.

Max of 12 attendees.  Signups to date: 12

Registration for this workshop is now closed.