Featuring John Barclay

November 17, 2021

Why Dream – Believe – Create? There was a time when I felt I could not create anything. My self-talk was, I am not a creative person, I’m not smart enough, I can’t do this. After seeing images projected at the first workshop I took, I dreamed of becoming a good photographer. Primarily with the help of well-known accomplished photographers, I was able to chip away at the negative self-talk and believe that I could create worthwhile images. Thus Dream – Believe – Create has become the centerpiece of what I teach in my workshops. I believe that everyone has dreams and can achieve their dreams if they would just believe they could. I also know that when you truly believe, you will be liberated to be able to create.

The process and journey required to create images feeds my soul and brings me great joy. My goal in this presentation is to inspire you to capture the essence of the subjects you are drawn to using the creative medium of photography. This might entail capturing a small intimate portion of a scene. It might involve more creative techniques such as multiple exposures to the “slide sandwich” or camera movement for a more expressive interpretation. I will also touch on the digital darkroom and how having a keen understanding of the plethora of technology can help you achieve your artistic vision.

My hope is that after spending time together you will leave inspired to create images that rise above the ordinary and make your heart sing!

Numerous examples will be shown which include traditional nature scenes as well as more abstract and urban compositions. We will explore the beauty in both the grand scale as well as more intimate details. The ideas presented in this program have an application to any genre of photography.

I believe like Ansel Adams, photographers bring to their images their own journeys, their perspective of the world, their experiences, and their passions. For me, photography is simply another medium of artistic expression, visual poetry if you will.

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About John

I always created images, but I was never “a photographer.” I told myself I wasn’t creative. I wasn’t artistic. My stick figures were failures. But I had this new camera and I wanted to learn how to use it. On the first night of my first photo workshop, I stared in awe at the images shared by the group. The dream of being a “good” photographer was born. I sought out great photographers like Dan Sniffin, Tony Sweet, and Nancy Rotenberg and I emulated them, listened to them, and learned from them. But I became a photographer in my own right when Nancy forbade me to look through anyone else’s viewfinder for the entire duration of an epic trip to Africa. “Follow YOUR vision,” she said, “and make the pictures that only you can see.” Doubtful, but willing, I began looking for the images that spoke directly to me, that pulled my eye or aroused my imagination. I looked for connection, and found my photographer self.

I created my program “Dream – Believe – Create” to reflect my artistic journey. I began my journey with a few skills but aspired to be better. I watched and learned, gained a bit of confidence, and then began to see photography not only as a reflection of the world around me but also as the representation of the reality inside me. My photographic journey freed me to create what was uniquely mine. Being genuinely aware of the beauty around me as I look through my lens feeds my soul and brings me great joy. I encourage the participants in my workshops to share that journey and discover the artist residing inside each of them.

Following that inner eye, I photograph whatever makes my heart sing. I have explored diverse subjects and continue to learn processing techniques that bring my vision to life. I am eager to share my journey with my tour members, to help them pay attention to what turns their heads, to help them feel more connected to the experience of making unique images that make their hearts, too, sing.

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