May Update for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, and Camera Raw

Adobe has just released updates for the Lightroom Classic (v13.3), Lightroom (v7.3 on desktop and v9.3 on mobile), and Camera Raw (v16.3) family of apps that include the usual support for new cameras and lenses, as well, as bug fixes, but also some really cool new features.

Note, these updates roll out slowly all over the world, so if you don’t see the update in the Adobe Application Manager right away, check back later. Be sure to update the Camera Raw plug-in too.

Lens Blur

Elevated from Early Access mode to a full-fledged tool (powered by AI), Lens Blur allows for adding/enhancing the appearance of lens blur to your photos. As a full feature, sync, auto sync, and copy/paste are also now supported.

Generative Remove

From what was once just a spot removal tool, this Early Access version of Generative Remove adds a new option to our ability to remove distractions from our photographs. Look under the newly renamed Remove panel (formerly Heal) to find the new Generative AI option. Note, the previous versions of Heal and Clone are still there. The new Generative AI option uses Adobe Firefly to generate the new pixels in the area being replaced, so you do need to be connected to the Internet when the checkbox is enabled.

With Remove selected and Generative AI checked, use the brush to mask over the objects you want to remove, then click Apply. Adobe Firefly generates three variations of the new pixels to replace those being removed, and you can switch through each variation once it is finished. We’ll take a deeper dive into this feature here on the blog soon, but give it a try and put it through its paces. I’m pretty impressed so far.

Filter by Exported Images (Lightroom Classic)

I feel like this is a feature that has been requested since the dawn of time, but I never thought I’d see, but here it is! We can now filter our photos based on whether a copy has been exported or not. There are few ways to utilize this feature. First, under the Attribute section of the Library Filter bar there is an Export Status icon for exported or not exported.

Additionally, under the Metadata tab of the Library Filter bar there is an option for Exported Files to filter the current view.

And finally, we can also find Exported as an option when creating a smart collection. It uses the exported status and a date range, so let’s say you wanted to see every photo exported from the catalog you have open before a given date, you’d choose Exported as the criteria, is before as the range, then enter the desired date.

Sync Performance (Lightroom Classic)

If you, like me, sync your Lightroom Classic catalog to the Lightroom cloud then you’ll be happy to know this update includes a significant infrastructure upgrade to improve reliability and performance. Don’t be surprised if it seems like sync is doing more than it should at first after you’ve installed this new version.

Tethered Shooting with Sony (Lightroom Classic)

Talk about long requested features … I am so happy to finally see native Sony support included for tethering in Lightroom Classic, and I don’t even shoot Sony. I’m just happy for all of the Sony photographers who have been asking for this. Be sure to check the list of supported cameras for tethering (filter by Sony).

Speaking of tethering support, Canon photographers will be happy to learn that the R6MKII is finally now supported for tethering too.

As usual, there have also been other performance enhancements added under the hood. What’s your favorite feature in this update? Anything you are still hoping to see added in the future?

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