Why You Should Use Lightroom’s Catalog Backup Feature Even If You Backup Your Computer Daily

I saw a comment here on the blog Friday where the person mentioned they don’t use Lightroom’s catalog backup because they back up their entire computer daily, so they feel they’re covered if their Lightroom catalog gets corrupted because they have a recent backup of their catalog.

But is that backup is corrupted, too? How would you know, until it’s too late?

That’s why you should use Lightroom’s built-in catalog Backup feature (that window that pops up when you Quit Lightroom asking you if you want to backup your catalog). The reason is — it checks the integrity of the catalog you’re backing up (see below) so you know that what you’re backing up will work if you get in that situation.

If it doesn’t pass the integrity test (and you see the warning below), you know your backup isn’t going to bail you out if you need it, and hopefully, you have another recent backup somewhere (you’d have one from last week if you do it weekly when you quit LR).

IMPORTANT: I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s so important it’s worth repeating. Backing up your Lightroom catalog does NOT back up your photos themselves. For more on that, check out this post on my daily blog.

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P.S. Don’t forget to stop back by tomorrow for the next article in my series, “Photoshop for Lightroom Users.”

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