My New Book: “The Lightroom Seven-Point System” Is Here!

Just Released: Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 7-Point System

We actually launched the book last night with a live “Book Chat” (now kind of a tradition) where I talked about the book, how it works, and revealed the basis of “The System” through a series of tutorials, and I’m embedded the whole book chat below, in case you’ve got a chance to check it out.

These Book Chats are fun and very informal, but there’s a lot of cool Lightroom stuff, too. My publisher literally gave 50% deals on the book (in print or ebook or both), and the deals are good all week (here’s the link).

You can also order it direct from Barnes & Noble, or

Thanks for giving that a look — hope you found it helpful.

Have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll catch ya next week. 🙂


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