Compositing Workshop: A Hands On Workshop

This workshop will teach you ways to create images that come partly from your camera, and partly from your imagination. I’ll show you how to use Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements as creativity tools to tap into your inner artist, and how compositing can be used not only to paste a new head on Aunt Edna, but also to:

  • replace boring skies you got on a photo expedition,
  • improve your visual compositions by adding focal points and/or removing distractions,
  • combine frames taken at different times with different outstanding elements,
  • completely change the mood of an image,
  • steer your viewer’s eye by selectively manipulating detail, color, and luminosity

In addition, you’ll learn how to edit images non-destructively so that you can experiment with different renderings without losing and reconstructing work, and without starting over. This is incredibly valuable for visual artists who need to experiment with different looks to see what works best. These techniques will for example. let you re-light images for dramatic effect, and in a way that lets you change your mind at any point in the image’s edit history.

So come prepared to expand the images you can both imagine and construct on your computer…what I call your create space. Bring your laptop, your captures, and your imagination.

Max of 16 attendees.  Signups to date: 10