Adobe made an ai art Generator, Adobe Firefly ai

Adobe releases Firefly ai into public beta.


Hey, everyone. I’m excited to show you Adobe’s new AI application, Firefly.

Let’s explore what it can do, discuss it, and see where Adobe is headed with it in the future. On the homepage, there are several things coming up, but we will  focus on the two live features: text to image and text to effects.

Text to image is image-based generation. By simply typing in a phrase like “close-up of a bee on a flower,” Firefly generates images based on the text you provide.

One of the biggest criticisms about AI image generation is the use of copyrighted material, but Adobe sources all its images from within Adobe Stock to train its ai. Its doesn’t reproduce the images, but rather learns fro all the different images and then creates art based on what it has been trained on, like a machine version of inspiration. Adobe is also discussing a form of compensation for Adobe Stock contributors.

It’s much easier to use than other similar programs like mid journey since we can simply click on things. We can choose the content type of graphic art or photo, and set different parameters like style, movement, theme, and technique to get the desired result. We can even choose materials, color and tone, lighting, and composition to create unique and realistic images.

Once we find the image we like, we can download it. But, it will have a watermark on it and content credentials saying that it was created by AI. At this point, the images are only for testing and not for commercial use. However, when the program is officially released, we will be able to use it commercially in different ways.

Overall, Firefly is a new AI application that has a lot of potential for generating unique and high-quality images and it will be incorporated into Adobe products in different ways..

How to Get Firefly

You can sign up and join the wait list, they will contact you when its your turn to get in.

There is nothing to download as its web based.

Learn all about it in my video

Firefly is here

See what I think about all this ai stuff (Will artists and photographers be replaced by ai?)


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