Clean photos and remove distractions with the patch tool in Photoshop

It’s not unusual to get smudges and, dirt and footprints on the white seamless paper during a photoshoot. It’s also common the see the edge of backdrop or light modifiers in the scene. I don’t compromise the shoot or worry about them during shooting because they are so easy to fix in Photoshop. This is from one of my recent shoots, where I was using a white backdrop with colored gels. see all the footprints in the bottom of the paper? Let’s clean it up.

We are going to use the patch tool in a different way than you have seen possibly. We will use it like a magic eraser and just dab away the dirt. Don’t forget to check out the short video to see this in action.

footprints on the seamless paper

Remove objects from a photo with the patch tool in Photoshop.

Choose the Patch tool from the toolbox.

Select Source from the top menu.

source vs destination patch tool

Make a selection around the area you want to patch. This is the edge of the backdrop.

fix the edge of the backdrop by filling in photoshop

Drag the selection to a similar colored area without the distractions.

use patch tool in photoshop

Release and it will blend in the fill. It’s that easy. If you are worried about any discoloration, you can repeat.

fills the hole

Clean dirt and smudges from a photo with the patch tool.

Let’s clean up the floor and make it nice and clean.

With the Patch tool selected, choose Destination.

destination with patch tool

Make a selection on the clean area of the photo. (If there is no clean area, use the clone stamp to create one)

smusges and footprints

Drag the patch selection to an area you want to clean.

use patch tool to fix the smudges and dirt

Without deselecting, drag to another area and watch it miraculously become nice and clean. (you have to see this in action on the video)

magic eraser


clean up your photo

and done

remove objects from photo in photoshop

Here I finished it off by adding a little bit of rim light in Photoshop, as well as dodge and burn for impact.

final images retouched

I hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial.

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