How to clear recent files from Photoshop Home Screen

How to remove the recent files from Photoshop Home-screen.

Recently, I was needing to hide the thumbnails from Photoshop’s welcome screen. I was about to do a livestream and didn’t want to show my client’s images. (Celebrities are big on privacy. If you ever work with any, remember that and you’ll last a long time).

The question comes up? How to I remove or delete the thumbnails? Its actually really easy, but not at all obvious. I’ll show you now, as well as 2 more powerful tips.

Step 1.

Click on the PS log on the top left of the home screen to go into Photoshop

clear recent files from home screen in Photoshop

Step 2.

Choose File>Open Recent

At the bottom of the list of recent files, you will see Clear Recent File List

Click it

clear recent files

Step 3.

Click the home bottom, or close all documents to go back to the home screen

Notice, the thumbnails are all gone now. Unfortunately, you can’t selectively delete them, it’s all or nothing.

remove thumbnails from photoshop welcome page

How to Hide the Home Screen in Photoshop

Whenever you start Photoshop, or close all documents, you will see a full screen home page. Maybe you like it, maybe you find it annoying, I’ll show you how to stop it appearing.

Choose Photoshop Preferences>General

Uncheck the box that says Auto Show Home Screen. Now you will just go straight to photoshop and skip this screen. If you want it back, turn the option back on. (I actually kind of like the thumbnails now. Hey, it grew on me).

dont show hom screen in photoshop

Increasing the amount of recent Photoshop files in the list

By default, when you choose File>Open Recent, you will see 25 files. Want more? Here’s how.

clear recent files

Choose Photoshop Preferences>File Handling

At the bottom of the screen, change recent File List from 25 to 100 (The maximum).

Click OK

change recent files in photoshop

Now when you choose File>Open Recent, you will see 100 files. This makes it easier to find older documents. We all know how difficult that can be at at times.

show more recent files in photoshop

There we go, nice and short and sweet this week.

I hope you found this tutorial useful, I’ll be back with more next Tuesday, as well as our Livestream on Youtube on Thursdays at 1pm Pacific.

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